Why would I choose Dried blood or Dried Plasma testing over saliva or venipuncture blood serum testing?

AYUMETRIX offers the most advanced and smart laboratory testing technologies using FDA approved test kits for Dried blood/ Plasma testing thereby providing the most accurate results, which correlate with the conventional blood tests, but with ease and convenience of sample collection, minimal costs and many other benefits listed below:

  • Convenient-Simple collection procedure by a nearly pain-free finger prick, especially after overnight fasting. Sample collection is possible anywhere at any time
  • Can be collected at remote sites - samples are stable for longer periods when dried
  • More latitude in collection timing than blood collection by venipuncture-i.e. night-time sampling for cortisol & insulin
  • Dried blood analytes very stable for at least a month at ambient temperature-shipping simplified-allows for international shipment without need for Biohazard Label
  • A wider range of analytes can be tested than in saliva - similar to blood collected by venipuncture
  • Results & ranges equivalent to serum/plasma for endogenously produced hormones
  • More accurately reflects tissue uptake of exogenously used hormones than venipuncture blood (gross underestimation). Therefore choose dried blood/ Plasma testing if you use sublingual or topical hormones for supplementation
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