What day of month should I collect my sample?

If testing hormones:
Men can collect on any day of the month.

Women with:
• No menstrual cycles can collect any day.
• Normal menstrual cycles should collect on day 19, 20 or 21 (counting the 1st day of bleeding as day 1)
• Irregular, unpredictable menstrual cycles can collect any day when there is no bleeding.

• Some kind of cycle regularity but not at the typical lengths: Long cycles – collect on day 19-21 or from day 19 to 4-5 days before the period is expected. For example, collection can be done anytime between day 19 to day 30, if the cycle is 35 days. Short cycles – collection should be done 2-3 days before the bleeding starts. For example, the sample should be collected on day 12, if someone has a 14-day cycle.

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